Exhibition Gallery

The following is a selection of photos from exhibitions that our members have attended, either to view or participate in, hover over for a brief explanation, click to enlarge

The Auckland Marklin Club, Modular Group

After the Club members agreed to the Module spec's in 2006 (they are similar to the ETE spec'd modules, see below) Steve Pople and Mike VanDam (on behalf of the the club) constructed four corner modules which lock the individually constructed and owned modules together in a square or rectangle configuration, we now have a quality exhibiton layout and with the new reverse corner modules in the pipeline, we will have added flexibility to what shapes can be attained. More on the modular group >> here

European Train Enthusiasts (Euro West?)

I think these photo's where taken by club member Glen on one of his many overseas trips
(for some reason he always includes a model rail component in there some where)


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